Shedding My Security Blanket: the reasons why beauty, health and this detox are important to me.

The last email I received from my primary doctor read; “You may be too in tune or quite possibly not in tune at all with your body”.

Over the past ten years I have been suffering from Mucosal Candida, Cystic Acne, Asthma, Hair Loss and chronic Inflammation + Pain throughout my body.

I have been on so many drugs to calm my acne and asthma. My doctors thought it was just a typical case of hormonal acne and since I was diagnosed with “exercise induced asthma/wheezing” in middle school they didn’t look any farther.

Mucosal Candida was a crazy experience. For years my doctors told me that it was just cystic acne but between the strange fluid filled welts all over my body and other symptoms [swollen gums, white tongue, bubbles on cuticles etc.] I knew that it had to be something more than just cystic acne. After a full course of Accutane and years of trying every antibiotic on the market I finally found a doctor that wanted to test for the root of the problem. Sure enough – the tests concluded that I indeed had Mucosal Candida.

Mucosal Candida is a yeastlike fungal infections involving the skin and/or mucous membranes, including the mouth. The infection is caused by Candida species, typically, Candida albicans.

Once I got the diagnosis I was so relieved…then I started thinking- How in the world did I get this obscure infection???

Wellp, in short,  I have allergic reactions to certain foods and other foods my body just doesn’t want to digest properly thus allowing the yeast to overgrow. Gross right?

By not eating right and ignoring my body’s reaction I allowed this infection to permanently scar me with white patches all over my body.

I have been free of mucosal candida for almost two years now, however I still have food allergies/intolerances and inflammation issues galore.

Within this past year alone I have had 7 sinus infections which I was prescribed rounds of azithromycin [zpacks] and prednisone for. I also was told I need to have a sinus surgery. My ENT suggested that my deviated septum be straightened out and swollen turbinates be shaved down to help my breathing and sinus problems.

Oversleeping and lack of energy have been a constant issue since college, which my doctors have attributed to my breathing problems. The only way I could get a semi decent night sleep is to keep the air on in my house at a brisk 65 degrees, which I still wake up sweating from.

The only thing that brings me back to life has been Prednisone. I sleep great, wake up rested and with no alarm clock, I’m more focused and actually have energy throughout the day. My skin even clears up while on Prednisone. That’s what got me thinking – maybe I need to take my diet more seriously because Prednisone clears up allergic reactions- not acne. The side effects of being on Prednisone are pretty gnarly. As much as I wish I could take Prednisone every day – it’s not practical nor good for me in the long run.

I’m finally at a point where I can focus on finding the right diet and lifestyle alterations to avoid any more food allergy related issues and get my body to a happy, healthy balance.

While getting my body healthy is a priority of mine – I still can’t help but to have insecurities and feel less than confident from my issues.

Makeup tricks and hair extensions have been my best friend.  I’ve been hell bent on finding ways of covering up my scars to avoid being asked “what are those white patches” or “why do you look like a leopard”.  I used hair extensions, long sleeve clothing and makeup as a safety blanket- something, anything to draw attention away from my scars.

When I walk into a room and my hair/makeup/outfit is on point I walk in a completely confident person. No one would ever think I was really insecure- borderline ashamed- about my skin.

This week Annie and I have started a detox diet. This is a reset for me for a few reasons:

  1. finding out exactly which foods are causing which reactions in my body [good and bad]
  2. healing my gut from years and years of antibiotics
  3. managing my inflammation for long term success rather than quick fixes like Prednisone

At the start of the detox I even took out my hair extensions…’s time to give up the safety blanket and start living my healthiest life.  This is my complete lifestyle detox.